Sunday, September 6, 2020

The Family Tree | Priority and meaning of blood relations

Family is the most important part of one's life. There are numerous quotes on family across the globe. The most simple one: "Family First." Life is short . Keep it simple.

By the means of as few words as possible here is the importance of each family member is summarized below: 

1. Mother (माँ): माँ का स्थान has always been above any relation in the world. When the world leaves you aside and move forward it's just the mother who lends her hand and pulls you out of garbage and makes you shine.

2. Wife (पत्नी) :  After mother comes wife, your Soulmate. No spiritual ceremony can be complete with husband and wife taking an oath together to start and finish the rituals. Wife is also the लक्ष्मी of your house. Respect her. She has left her home and believes in you that you would go beyond limits to keep her smiling always. Your self-happiness is directly proportional to your happiness.

3. Next comes our siblings. Right from birth siblings are the next most important in our lives. There is no such bond in the universe than the one among brothers and sisters.

4. Father: We are just a part of our father. He works day in day out to keep his family and fulfill everyone's dreams at any cost. Be it hard work, or sacrifices father has to go beyond limits in order to handle any situation.

5. In- Laws, friends, rest of the world comes in another category. Their behavior depends upon how you treat them.

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